Escape to the Pyrenees

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Nestled between the French and Spanish border, Andorra is a small independent European principality among the southern peaks of the Pyrenees.

Andorra contains an abundance of mountain valleys whose streams converge forming the Valira River. The Madriu-Perafita-Claror valley, which occupies about one-tenth of Andorra’s area and is identified by its steep valleys. In 2004, the valley was designated a UNESCO world heritage site.

With its thriving natural landscape, it is a paradise for outdoor adventure and combined with picturesque mountain villages it’s your perfect winter escape. Andorra is an idyllic destination to reconnect with nature.

You can take the ski raquettes, a dog sledge, snowboard or simply ski. With its abundance of wide blue slopes, Andorra is a popular destination for skiers of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

For those who are after some holiday pampering, the Caldea Spa Complex is a must-visit. A large natural spring complex with various indoor and outdoor swimming pools, jacuzzis and hydrotherapy sections spread over 18 floors. It is the highest building in Andorra and the largest thermal spa complex in Europe. For more about the experiences offered, take a look at our Experiences page.


Well known for its rustic and incredibly tasty mountain cuisine, no trip to Andorra is complete without a stop at a “borda” for lunch. Bordas are old mountain barns transformed into restaurants and architectural masterpieces, with thick stone walls that help protect from the snow and wind.

Food is usually prepared on an open fire and grilled meats are served with a generous amount of vegetables, potatoes and garlic aioli. 

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From stunning hiking trails and breathtaking ski slopes, to thermal spas, architectural masterpieces and rustic mountain cuisine, there is an experience for everyone in Andorra.

Chat to us about your ideas, then sit back and relax while we arrange everything for you.

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От двух до пяти спален, все они расположены в самом центре Сольдеу, всего в 4 минутах ходьбы от подъемников. Каждая резиденция имеет кухню-гостиную открытой планировки, роскошные ванные комнаты, полы с подогревом и захватывающий дух вид. 

Работая с Baustudio Andorra, мы тщательно отобрали отделку, мебель, произведения искусства и аксессуары, чтобы создать пятизвездочную обстановку в гармонии с окружающей природой. Каждая деталь создает ощущение спокойствия и сплоченности, излучая роскошь и комфорт. 

Наш персонализированный сервис должен быть простым, лаконичным и интуитивно понятным.

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